Sunday, March 30, 2008

my stove

"Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love."Craig Claiborne.

I am so happy with my new stove! Yes, you heard right,.... stove!

I see people taking great pride in their cars and sharing pictures of them. That's fine but for me,it's my stove.

I believe that the kitchen is the heart of a home and the stove is the heart of the kitchen.

Our old stove finally gave out on us this month. I was very disappointed! Baking bread and other goodies for my family is a regular part of my day! I love the warmth that baking brings, both in the house and in our hearts. After a couple of weeks of looking at stove prices and deciding that we may just have to give up baking, God blessed us with this great stove!

It was a barely used item from a store owned by one of Teymoors friends in Salina. We payed a whopping 250.00 for it! Actually, that is a lot for us,but we have discovered that this stove sells for about 1,600.00! Needless to say, I am thrilled!

Our house is again filled with the smell of fresh breads,cake,biscuits,pies and cookies. Our tummy's happy and hearts full.

God is faithful in all things and I am blessed.

Love, was understood, in the kitchen. Where bread and cakes and pies and everyday thoughts filled the air and senses. Common Sense was taught, in the kitchen. More through action, than words. Grandma’s ways were revered in the kitchen. From a touch of this, to a dash of that, to a “good girl would never.” Love, was understood, in the kitchen. Passed

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Emily Black

This is a great quote from our Friends daughter,Emily.
She was explaining to her little brother the difference between being wise or being smart. She told him "See, you are smart but you're not wise. I am wise but I'm not very smart."
I thought this was absolutely adorable!!

Emma is happy

Emma's word of the week is"HAPPY!" She claps her hands and says it again and again.
She also started saying dinosaur quite well. It sound like "di-a-so".
Last night she kept saying "wi-e-a-poo". She's been saying owl,Eeyore and Tigger for some time. Tigger is my favorite because she says "TIGGA,TIGGA,TIGGA!!" Very fast and excited. If she were a Pooh character ,she would be my little Tigger!

The Ostrich and the Wolf

There was a flock of Ostrich, tall and proud. Though always near to eachother each one stood on his own.
When a Lion attacked an Ostrich he must run & kick, win or lose on his own. The rest of the flock would run away and hide as fast as they could.
If one Ostrich were to attack another, the rest of the flock would quickly stick their heads down into the ground until the sound of trouble had passed. After all, it isn’t their problem!
No one spoke of the attack or of any resulting injuries. No one expected to be defended in word or deed. All Ostrich are equal and there is no need to worry, as long as one can go about their day without being the one attacked, all is well.
Yet, somehow, with all of the absence of conflict the flock was shrinking rapidly.

Across the plain was a family of wolves. They were known for their loud howling, growling, playing and fighting. All that they did was done as a team. When one got hurt by another he howled. When one got angry he growled. No one wanted to mess with a wolf because they knew there was no such thing as just one wolf. If a lion were to attack a wolf, the wolf had only to call and the pack would be there. Every wolf will give his life for a member of the pack.
No matter how loud or rough they got, they were secure, knowing that there were no secrets or surprises in the pack. Because of this, the pack grew strong.
One day a wolf entered into the flock of Ostrich. After a long night of hunting, he decided to rest under the shade of a tree. The wolf thought it interesting to see how the Ostrich went about their business in such scattered fashion. He watched, and listened.
“ That wolf is lazy” said one Ostrich to another. “Look how he lays around in the middle of the day”.
“The wolf is messy, said another. “Look how his hair goes everywhere”.
The wolf heard and was confused, wondering what he could have done to provoke them.
“Why do you speak so harshly of me?” he barked loudly.
The Ostrich were startled. “The wolf is loud” said one to another.
The wolf stood up. The oldest Ostrich kicked the wolf.
The wolf growled ferociously in surprise and anger! He started toward the Ostrich.
“ That wolf is mean!” shouted the Ostrich and ran away. The other Ostrich stuck their heads into the ground. Their world was peaceful again, though dark and small.
“What a trouble maker “ whispered the Ostrich flock.

The wolf went away, shaking his head in wonder.

He went to his PACK.

He went to his family.

I was born an Ostrich. I am learning to be a wolf.

Tammy Salehi

Friday, March 28, 2008

Today has been a productive day.
Eric, Cindy and kids staed all night last night ,so this morning we visited until 10.It was a great visit and I wish they didn't have to leave so soon!
Teymoor came home at 11:30 and I made some cheeseburgars for lunch.
Around 2:30 we decided to move our shed to a different spot in the yard. This would be no small task, as our shed is 8X10' and weighs around 500 lbs. I emptied the contents and we managed to move it about 1 foot before Teymoor had to go to town. He thought that we needed 4 guys to actually get it moved. ~SIGH~ I WANT TO GET IT DONE! O.K. I'm determined to move this thing and surprise him too.
Isaiah had used a big stick to lift it with leverage and I decided to go with that thought. With a 2X4 for leverage and siding under the front. I lifted, pushed, pulled and scooted the thing all the way to the new spot. It took me about 45 minutes but hey! It was so great to see the look on his face when he got home! That's what made it worth these sore hands and aching muscles! LOL I told Isaiah that the lesson of the day is that when there's a will there's a way! Either that or 2X4's really are good for everything.
Other than that, my days accomplishments were to do the dishes, cook supper, sweep and move the dogs area to a new spot.
I am looking foreward to tomorrow and seeing what else we can get done around here!