Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Emma

I love both of my gifts equally. At this time in life Isaiah is Daddy's boy all the way. Sure, he loves me and needs me very much but he is wholly absorbed in being a MAN and that's just how it should be. I would be a silly fool to be jealous or expect equal attention.

Just as Isaiah is Daddy's right hand man, Emma is Mommy's little shadow. Emma does everything like Mommy and WITH Mommy. It is a new thing for me; this extra set of hands and feet. I am not always good at coordinating them and find them cumbersome. All in all I find them a sweet presence. If I want a six year old that helps me with dishes, laundry and crafts then I absolutely must have a two year old that knows I LOVE her constant company!

I have certainly been tempted to leave her in front of the old idiot box while I do everything myself ( or be lazy and do nothing) but I am learning that there is no reward in that; absolutely none. If I was going to let TV raise my kids, they may as well be in daycare. I mean, in a daycare, people are paid to find ways to keep kids active and learning! Their reward, is money, mine is that amazing glow that my girl has on her face when she says "like u mommy?", or "me your friend", and don't forget, "I DID IT MOM!!".

I try not to wait for her to ask to help. Kids obviously need some play time but it doesn't take long for a toddler to get bored. I love to call out,"Where's my helper?" and see her come running with, "u need me mommy?". Her voice sounds so pleased and hopeful when she asks.

I could probably leave her on her own a lot more but where is the companionship and satisfaction in that? Besides, I don't want to raise a reclusive, lazy or self absorbed girl. I want her to stay my sunshiny daughter of virtue!

I certainly don't get it right every time, or even every day, but I really love trying. Knowing that my girl will always be my helper and friend makes me so, so happy! Seeing her bring ALL of the laundry in from the dryer, one or two at a time, and then shout with joy when she gets the job done is so much fun! She doesn't even consider it work because we're pardners, She helps me wash clothes, hang clothes on the line,bake,fold (ha ha),puts dishes in the sink after meals,brings Daddy his drink,sweeps,feeds Rocky and then wants me to pick her up for hugs and dancing.

It's not just work that we share. Stories,dancing,drawing,and reading are regulars here. You can learn a lot about what your little one thinks about when they draw or ask for certain stories. Lately, Emma has wanted "stories of God" and "Baby Jesus". She usually draws guns (like brother) or wants to do letters. Of course they don't look like much more than lines and circles but I tell her how wonderful they are. I'm not lying either, it really is wonderful to see her trying and learning, It makes me very sad to see parents that constantly tell toddlers "no, that's not right". Too much correction will kill the spirit of joy and adventure, so what if it's too big or not just quite grown up enough?

Having a toddler is such an amazing joy. I don't want it to end! This is the time that EVERY SINGLE word I say, really matters. The time when everything I do, or don't do, will shape who my girl will be as a woman. It is an exciting, happy,playful and enormously important time. A once in a lifetime time. There are no do-overs. I can't get back my two and three year old time when she's five or six. God gave me THIS time.

I think of all the closeness and joy that I would miss if I gave the TV my job of training and resolve to keep on finding new ways to be " jus me an u mommy", and hope to always hear her little voice saying "me your friend mommy".

Monday, December 29, 2008


We're actually getting close to being moved out. It has been an especially big job because of everyone being sick. Emma was up all night with fever and Teymoor has it today.
They say that you can really tell who your friends are when you're moving. There's a lot of truth in that. Everyone (sane) hates moving and wouldn't do it for fun. We have some exceptional friends who actually called and asked us, "want some help moving?". They came all the way from Missouri and brought an 18 foot trailer! They were helping us well after 11pm and it was SO COLD outside. I don't think we would have been able to get out on time without them!
Dad came down yesterday and took one load to Lost Springs and another to Salina. We can always count on mom and dad. :)
Teymoor's good friend Tim hasn't been able to come down yet but has called several times to ask how it's going. Just knowing that he cares is a blessing. He is also planning to come all the way from Topeka to haul our van for us!
At this point, we have no idea what the future holds. Plans can change too quickly or fail completely but it's great to know that we have such great friends and family.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am so relieved today! We have sold our home and are getting ready to move. Soon we will be living in a brand new house! This is going to be an extremely busy month, with moving and Christmas, but also very exciting.