Thursday, April 10, 2008


Swings for arms,Bottles for breasts,Advice from the 'experts'Who think they know best.

'Binky's and monitorsAnd all sorts of clutterThink they can takeThe place of a mother.

Pre-schools and daycares,And babysitters, too,Think they can doWhat mothers should do.

Oh listen, dear motherTo words that are true -No one or nothingCan care just like you.

Your children are blessingsLoaned from above,More than money or thingsWhat they need is your love.
By Cynthia Flanagan.
Above Rubies Reader from Canfield, Ohio


At April 10, 2008 at 8:07 AM , Blogger Roehrman said...

I have got caught up in the gadgets for babies before. But this time you will not see a swing,bouncy seat or binky at all.I did not use them much but I still did.

I am sorry to see Mom's raise their babies in plastic.(carseats that go everywhere,bouncy seats,walkers,saucers,johnny jumpers,cribs,bottles,binkys and more. Baby's want your skin! Your hugs and kisses. So I will save my house from unneeded clutter and also keep my $$ for other things.Like Chocolate (now that will make a happy momma which makes a happy baby!)

All I want for this babe is a few outfits and a good sling. (diapers too!) Beyond that is just a modern hindrance.

Ok enough of my yack....


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