Monday, July 21, 2008


Hand holding and kisses

Emma wipes away an imaginary "owe" and tells it to "off!"

Daddy helps Emma write "e"

Blue collar days are long and hard.
He skips a thousand lunches.

But he is never too exhausted for

The one who loves him “bunches!”

She slides her tiny fingers in

His calloused, manly hands,

And begs him to come watch as she

Performs a silly dance.

His weary eyes light up with joy

He grins a daddy’s smile,

And he is captivated by

This gifted, pretty child.

Dinner’s on, but it can wait.

He’s been invited to

Imaginary biscuits

And tea. “One lump or two?”

I watch this grown man fill the chair,

His frame three times its size.

He winks at me with kindness

That makes tears fill my eyes.

I knew this man was special

The day I said “I do”,

But now that he’s a father,

our daughter knows it, too.


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