Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"At Home"

Being a stay at home wife and mommy makes me think about the subject of feminism on a regular basis.
It is so amazing that in just 50 years the attitudes and priorities of people have changed so drastically!
Why is the business of home considered such a menial task? The media loves to mock housewives and conservative living. How important can doing dishes , laundry and cooking be? What can you possibly teach your child that someone else cannot? To me the answers are too many to list. Yes, housework can be monotonous, but what job isn't? The housework is a means to an end. It isn't the sum of our existence.
I want to create an atmosphere. I want my home to mean something. I want my kids to look back on their home as a place where our heart is. I want the feeling that I used to get when I would go to Grandma's house! A neat, cozy room or the smell of hot baking bread and pies; these things are not really menial at all! They create peace and joy for those who are truly important to us.They make you feel the love that went into them.
If you are "at home " but are lazy and your heart isn't home it will show. If you leave your house a mess and watch soaps all day then you should rethink your attitude about your home. But, regardless of what the media says, this is not the typical housewife.
With all of the "freedom" of feminism ,where are all the happy people? The simple truth is that people used to be happier! I guess it's just to hard to look at the reasons for that.
I realize that there are some careers that can change the lives of others. Doctors and most branches of law enforcement are the only two that really stand out to me. The truth is that most careers are just "jobs". They are a means to attain money and, occasionally, recognition. When you lay on your death bed and look back at your life what will stand out? Would you find great satisfaction in knowing that you spent years of your life as a secretary, teacher, teller, cashier, manager,bus driver,dental assistant, hair dresser... etc. These things may have been useful for a time but hold absolutely no eternal value.Does bringing home a paycheck to a cold home, while the school system and daycare raise your kids really bring great pride and satisfaction? How about peace and purpose?
I want to look back on my life and know that I put my heart- my time and effort - into the place and people that matter most. I want to look back and know that I made people feel like my Grandma does; at home.


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